4 Tips for Driving at Night

Keep yourself and other motorists safe as you drive after dark.4 Tips for Driving at Night

During the fall months, the sun begins to set sooner. This means that many drivers find their regular commutes taking place after dark. If you have to drive after night has fallen, it’s important that you take extra precautions to keep the roadways safe. Here are four safety tips you should employ for nighttime driving.

1) Properly Use Your Headlights: While this seems obvious, many drivers fail to turn on their headlights while driving at night. It’s important that you use your headlights after dark to help you see, but also to help others see you. When using your headlights, make sure you don’t switch on your high-beams; the intense light could temporarily blind oncoming drivers.

2) Reduce Your Speed: Anytime you drive at night, your visibility will be compromised. This is why it’s important to slow down, so you have more time to spot and react to driving hazards.

3) Increase Your Following Distance: You should also be sure to increase the distance between your car and the car you are following. This way you will have time to react if the car in front of you suddenly brakes or employs a driving maneuver to avoid a hazard.

4) Stay Alert: Our bodies are naturally hardwired to sleep at night. This means that feelings of drowsiness creep in when it’s dark outside. Driving while sleepy is incredibly dangerous, almost as risky as driving under the influence of alcohol. So, it’s important to take steps to stay alert while driving. For instance, you could sip on a caffeinated beverage or play high-energy music. If you feel yourself starting to fall asleep, do everyone a favor and pull off the road and rest your eyes for a bit.

Try out these tips to stay safe while driving after dark. Want another way to protect yourself as you drive? Make sure you have the right auto insurance coverages in place. For assistance with your car coverage, contact the experts at Desert Empire Insurance today.