Allow Your Airbag To Do Its Job With These Tips

Passenger Car Air Bag On Off Indicator. Modern Car Safety Feature

Airbag Safety

Airbags are meant to save lives. However, if they are not properly used, they can cause serious injuries, or even death. Knowing how to keep you and your passengers safe from airbag injuries can help to ensure that you always make it to your destination safely.

Airbags are designed to help cushion your upper body and head during an accident. If any passenger is sitting too close to the airbag when it deploys, they can easily be injured. Any rear facing infant seats that are placed too close to the airbag can also cause serious injury to the infant since the force of the airbag will be transferred to the child’s head.

Keep these airbag safety tips in mind to ensure that your child stays safe while in the car.

  • Never place a car seat in the front seat of the car.
  • Keep in mind that the back seat is the safest place for children who are under 13 years old.
  • Properly secure all children in the right safety seat or belt-positioning booster seat. The lap and shoulder band of the seatbelt should be adjusted to fit their size.
  • If an older child has to ride in the front seat, push the seat back as far as possible, away from the airbag. Make sure the child is properly restrained with the right safety belt for their size.

One of the best ways to protect everyone from an airbag injury is to always buckle up when you get in the car. Make sure that the lap belt and shoulder belt fit properly and are worn for the entire ride in the right position.

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