What You Need To Know About Your Car Insurance

Auto Insurance Palm Desert CAWhat Happens When You File A Claim

Insurers often need to know the value of your car for insurance purposes, and there are many guidelines and factors that go into determining the value of the car, such as depreciation and age. The value of your car can affect your insurance when you make a claim. Here is some information about the claims process and how your car’s value plays a part in it.

  • After filing a claim, your insurance provider will refer you to a claims adjuster who will verify the loss and determine the repair costs all while considering the value of your car. You do not have to agree with the adjuster’s price, and it is probably a good idea to have a mechanic or two look at your car and give you their own estimates. You can use the adjuster’s estimate to compare the estimated repair costs your mechanic gives you or the other repair options you have available to you.
  • Your insurance company may insist that you get more than one estimate for repair costs because they want to make sure they do not pay more money than necessary. Your provider will likely opt for the lowest bid, so do not let that surprise you, but you do not have to accept that bid if you feel that it will not repair your car adequately. You can argue with the adjuster, or with your insurance provider about the repair costs, which can be extremely helpful especially if there is a large discrepancy between multiple estimates.
  • Depending on the amount of damage and the cost of repairs to make your car like it was before, your insurer can choose to help cover repairs or to declare it a total loss and pay you the book value. This usually happens if the repair costs are more than the depreciated value of the car. If your car is declared a total loss, you can argue the value of the car if you think it is too low. You may have to provide documents and records as proof, but it is not impossible

Keep in mind this information about what happens when you file an auto insurance claim and how car value plays a part. Contact the insurance professionals at Desert Empire Insurance in Palm Desert for all of your auto insurance needs. Stay safe on the road with a great policy!