Tips For Driving In Adverse Weather

Dangerous blurry driving car in the rainy and slippery road. Rain through windshield of moving car on highway. Car windshield wipers on in the rainy weather.

Ensure safety when driving in wind and rain with these tips.

While strong winds and rain may not seem like a driving concern in Palm Desert, CA, it is possible. Due to the infrequent inclement weather, people are unused to driving in such weather, which can cause more accidents as they rely on habits.

Heavy Winds
A strong wind can occur just about anywhere, and can cause steering difficulty and acceleration issues.

  • Take extra caution when driving through areas prone to strong winds, or if winds are predicted.
  • Keep a safe distance away from larger vehicles as they may have difficulty staying in their lane due to their height.
  • Steer with both hands for more balanced control. 

Heavy Rain
With rain comes the boots and umbrellas, and unfortunately, poor visibility and hydroplaning vehicles.

  • Slow down! Oils and water on the roads cause for slick conditions which can double your stopping distance!
  • Turn your headlights on to increase your visibility to other cars and pedestrians.
  • Use your wipers as necessary.

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