How Can I Stay Healthy During Flu Season?

Avoid Getting Sick with Preventative Care

As temperatures begin to drop, flu season rolls in. With the daily demands of life, the last thing you want is to get off track and behind schedule because you are sick. In order to avoid the flu and the common cold, you must partake in preventative care. Gathered are some helpful tips to avoid getting sick with preventative measures:

  • One of the most obvious tips is to avoid close contact with anyone who is sick or has flu-like symptoms. We are not suggesting quarantining yourself, but simply staying away from anyone who you know that may have a cold.
  • While you should be washing your hands with warm water and soap all the time, it is important that you do so even more in flu season. Consistent hand washing is a surefire way to protect yourself from contracting any illnesses.
  • Your eyes, nose, mouth, and ears are the most susceptible parts in spreading germs and illnesses. Try to avoid touching these parts so that you do not spread any germs into your system.
  • While you should always be partaking in healthy habits, it is important to stay active during the colder seasons. You should be exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and eating healthy meals. When your immune system is supported as a whole, your body will better fight off germs and illnesses.
  • Most importantly, if you do become sick, stay home! While you may be inclined to go into the office anyways and tough it out, you are only making everyone else around you susceptible to getting sick and missing work too. Rather, stay home and load up on fluids and soups so that you can return back to work in no time!

We hope these helpful tips for avoiding the cold and flu will keep you healthy all year long! Contact Desert Empire Insurance in Palm Desert for all of your California insurance needs.