Does Your Business Need Crime Insurance?

Does Your Business Need Crime Insurance?

Make sure your business has protection against theft.

While you may believe that your business is immune to theft, the sad truth is that almost every business suffers losses from fraud or theft.  Today, theft doesn’t simply mean robbing a cash box or safe.  Merchandise, supplies, data, and digital information are all vulnerable.  Even if you have insurance, most standard commercial insurance policies do not cover the losses caused by criminal acts.  To protect your business from theft and other crime, you need commercial crime coverage.

What is commercial crime insurance?

Commercial crime insurance provides coverage for monetary or property losses caused by dishonest acts.  A crime insurance policy doesn’t just protect against criminal acts from outside sources.  A policy can also protect against employee misconduct and theft.  Crime insurance offers protection against: employee dishonesty, forgery, counterfeit money, computer fraud, robbery, etc.

Why does my business need it?

As previously mentioned, crime-related losses are not covered by standard commercial insurance.  This means that the financial burden of crime-related losses falls on the business owner’s shoulders.  Commercial crime insurance is important for every business because all businesses are susceptible to theft or other fraudulent activities.  While larger companies are generally better equipped to absorb the losses incurred by criminal acts, most small businesses cannot afford these costs.  Unfortunately, crime is one of the most universal risks that a business faces, that is why commercial crime insurance is a must-have policy.

The losses related to criminal acts can be absolutely devastating to a business.  As a business owner, it is your responsibility to make sure your business has the right protection.  Consider getting a commercial crime insurance policy to ensure that your business has all the coverage it needs.  For help with your commercial insurance, contact the expert team at Desert Empire Insurance Services, Inc. in Palm Desert, California.  We’ve got you and your business covered.