How to Choose the Right Car for Your Teen

How to Choose the Right Car for Your Teen

Want to surprise your teen with a car this holiday season?  Make sure you choose the right car for their needs.

If you think it’s time for your teen to have their own car, then it’s important that you select the right vehicle for them.  The thought of your teen behind the wheel can be a scary one, but choosing a car that’s easy to handle and has the right safety features can give you a little peace of mind.  Here are some things to consider as you shop around.

Car Size

While big, heavy cars can be more difficult to handle, they generally perform better in crash tests than smaller vehicles.  However, you must also take into account that larger vehicles offer poor fuel economy, allow for more distractions (i.e. passengers), and can be more difficult to park.

Fast Cars

Generally speaking, you should avoid getting your teen a sports car or a car with an overly powerful engine.  While your teen might favor these faster vehicles, they are much more dangerous to drive.

New vs. Used Cars

Deciding between a new or used car for your teen is a personal decision.  Keep in mind that newer cars tend to have upgraded safety features and can be more reliable.  However, new cars are obviously more expensive than used cars.  Because teens are more likely to get into an accident than any other drivers, you might want to avoid spending a ton of money on a car for your teen driver.  Keep in mind that while used cars are more affordable at the outset, they are more likely to require expensive maintenance costs than a new car.

Car Color

Though the color of a car might not seem that important, many drivers believe that the color of their car can affect their accident rates.  Black or dark colored cars are notoriously hard to see at night or in other dark driving conditions.  Silver and grey cars are generally a safe choice, but can be difficult to see in cloudy or foggy conditions.  Many people believe white cars and brightly colored cars (yellow, orange, etc.) to be the most visible and therefore the least likely to get into an accident.

Keep these things in mind as you’re shopping for a car for your teen driver.  Once you make your selection, make sure that your teen and their new ride have the protection they need.  To find the right auto insurance policy for your teen, contact the team at Desert Empire Insurance Services, Inc. in Palm Desert, California.  We are always ready to assist you with your insurance needs.