Reduce Your Home Allergies with These Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Tips to Reduce Your Home AllergiesNix in-home allergies with these cleaning tips.

Allergy season is far from over. Your home harbors a plethora of microbes and allergens that can aggravate your allergies year-round. Get rid of your allergy symptoms and stay up on your housekeeping. Learn how to clean to keep your allergies at bay with these tips.

Take Your Shoes Off.

When you come home after a long day, it’s time to kick your feet up and relax. Just remember to take your shoes off first. Your shoes can track dirt and dust throughout your home that can then trigger your allergy symptoms. Play it safe and leave your shoes at the door to minimize your symptoms.

Use Gentle Cleaners.

Cleaning regularly is the best way to keep dust in check. However, harsh chemicals can aggravate your respiratory system. Don’t add fuel to the fire with these types of chemicals. Instead, use gentle cleaners like vinegar to get the job done.

Wash Your Linens Often.

Linen fibers trap allergens that can later trigger your allergy symptoms. From your drapes to your sheets, deep clean your linens every so often and wash them in hot water. Just remember to read the washing instructions before putting certain fabrics in hot water.

Get Rid of Carpeting.

Dust and dirt get trapped in carpet fibers which are near impossible to get out. Regular steam cleaning and vacuuming can help to get your carpets and rugs clean. However, it’s best to switch to tile, wood, or linoleum for allergy-friendly floors.

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