10 Driving Distractions to Eliminate NOW

Distracted driving is equal to, if not more dangerous than, intoxicated driving. The majority of tragic accidents are caused by distracted driving incidents that could have easily been avoided. Compiled is a list of 10 deadly driving distractions that you need to avoid doing now:

  1. Smoking, lighting up a cigarette, and putting ashes in an ashtray are all distracted driving habits that prove deadly.
  2. Many of us are easily distracted by moving objects in our cars, such as insects or our pets. Refrain from letting your pet move around in the car, rather, secure their position.
  3. Refrain from using any device controls in your car while driving.
  4. Try to avoid adjusting the volume of your radio or adjusting the climate while driving.
  5. Eating or drinking while driving can prove extremely dangerous.
  6. Refrain from using or reaching for any devices in your vehicle.
  7. While you may prefer to have a friend join you along for the ride, friends can often prove bad company when it comes to safety.
  8. Keep your eyes on the road, not the person driving behind you “rubbernecking” your car.
  9. NEVER use your cell phone while driving. This is the most deadly distracted driving habit.
  10. Try to focus on the road, not the distractions of your day. Getting “lost in thought” can prove to be extremely dangerous.

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