Controlling Dust in Your Home

Try out these suggestions to help you control the dust and dander in your home.

Reducing the amount of dust in your home is important from both a cleanliness and health standpoint. However, keeping the dust levels in your home under control can be difficult if you aren’t taking the proper cleaning steps. Here are some of the things you can do to keep dust and other allergens at a minimum.

Deal with Your Pets

Pets with fur carry dust, dander, and other allergens throughout your home. While frequent grooming can help reduce the amount of allergens that your pet carries, there’s nothing you can do to prevent your pet from actually producing dander and other allergens. However, you can prevent your pet from tracking sneeze-inducing particles throughout your home by barring their access to places such as bedrooms. Additionally, regularly laundering your pet’s toys and bedding can also keep dust and other particulates at bay.

Vacuum Frequently

While you can easily see the dust that settles on hard, flat surfaces, the dust that gets trapped in plush surfaces is much harder to monitor and control. The best way to prevent dust build-up in your home’s carpeting is by vacuuming frequently. Making sure to vacuum once or twice every week will prevent dust that’s trapped in your carpeting from re-entering the air.

Filter Your Air

Finally, investing in an air cleaning or filtering device can help you remove airborne dust and allergies. For instance, investing in a HEPA filter can help you filter out 99% of dust and allergens from the air inside your home. However, simply replacing your existing air conditioner filters can also help you cut down on the amount of airborne dust and particulates in your home.

Try out these suggestions to control the dust in your home. Want another way to take care of your home this season? Then make sure you have the proper homeowners insurance protections in place. To find the right policies to meet your needs, contact the experts at Desert Empire Insurance. We are ready to get you covered today.