Train Your Team for Cyber Smart Employees

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Educate your employees while protecting the livelihood of your business in Palm Desert, CA.

Empowering your employees to recognize common cyber threats can be beneficial to your security and organization of your business’ information online. While using a computer at work, your employees should be aware of their responsibilities when using a computer on a business network.

  • Company Data
    You and your employees have legal and regulatory obligations to respect and protect the privacy of information and preserve the reputation of the company. No company data should be released when unnecessary.
  • Document Management
    In the event of an employee’s computer becoming infected with a virus, employees should immediately report the incident to the IT team for investigation and protection. Employees need to be trained to recognize a serious threat or alert.
  • Passwords
    Encourage your employees to regularly change their password, and to select strong ones which cannot be predicted.
  • Unauthorized Software
    Never let employees download software that is not verified or unlicensed. This can make the computer susceptible to malicious software downloads that can corrupt the data.
  • Internet Use
    Train your employees to avoid suspicious forms and websites online.
  • Email
    Educate your team on determining scam emails from unrecognized senders and suspicious subject titles, and how to properly dispose of these emails.
  • Resources
    Limit the number of employees who can access the company’s critical data.

Through proper protection of your company’s data and devices, you will not face hackings, corruption of data, or a release of all of your employees, clients, and vendors personal information. These circumstances can destroy your business’ reputation and credibility.

With the rise of technology comes an increased risk to your business’ important data. Protect your business from loss due to a cyber attack with cyber liability insurance. Contact Desert Empire Insurance in Palm Desert, CA to receive coverage for your business.