Stay Safe During The Most Dangerous Holiday Of The Year!

Most Dangerous U.S. HolidaysThe holiday season is always full of fun and excitement! However, sometimes all the excitement can lead to threats to our personal safety. As a part of the United States Department of Transportation, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has worked to compare safety information between different holidays. They have reported that Thanksgiving is actually the most dangerous holiday of the year!

Just last year, over 500 individuals lost their lives on the roads of America. That is 5 times higher than the death rate of a normal day! During Thanksgiving, there are approximately twice as many drivers trying to squeeze onto the road. Additionally, many of those drivers consume alcohol before getting behind the wheel. Both of these factors bring about an increased risk for traffic accidents.

In previous years, the death rate on Thanksgiving decreased due to expensive gas prices. People chose to remain at home, or use a different mode of transportation to reach their host’s home in order to save money on gas expenses. This year, gas prices have fallen. Unfortunately, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration expects this change to cause an increase in Thanksgiving fatalities.

We want you to remain safe during this Thanksgiving holiday! Please remember to navigate the roads cautiously, and to never get behind the wheel after drinking. To ensure that your vehicle is adequately protected during this time of year, contact one of the insurance professionals at Desert Empire Insurance! Our agents can help you find a comprehensive auto insurance policy that will fit your budget! Located in Palm Desert, we are happy to answer questions, and fulfill the insurance needs of all the citizens of the Coachella Valley. Contact us today, and allow us to be your insurance advocate! Do not put off purchasing protection for your assets!