Drowsy-Driving: The Overlooked Danger!

Desert Empire Auto InsuranceIf you have ever attempted to navigate the roads during the holidays, then you are probably aware of how much of a nightmare it can be! More drivers than usual are trying to fit on the same road in order to reach their holiday destination. If your drive the night before Thanksgiving is long to begin with, it may be even longer with holiday traffic! Make sure to get a good night’s sleep before hitting the road.

Experts state that drowsy driving can potentially be just as bad as drunk driving! Here are a few things to keep in mind before getting behind the wheel:

  • When you are tired, your reaction time slows dramatically. This can greatly influence how you respond in a traffic accident.
  • Your vision is proven to be worse when you are sleep deprived.
  • Your judgment is influenced by a lack of sleep, similarly to how it is affected by alcohol.
  • Sleep deprivation causes a delay in the time it takes for synapses to reach your brain, and information to be processed.
  • Younger individuals under the age of 26 are more likely to find themselves in a drowsy-driving accident.
  • People who travel a lot for their business are more likely to be in an accident due to drowsy-driving.
  • People who are overworked, and typically log more than 60 hours of work per week are more likely to be in an accident related to sleep deprivation.
  • If you start to feel drowsy during your drive, be sure to turn up the volume on your radio. Doing so can help to wake you up.
  • If you keep yawning, it may be a signal from your body that you should pull over, and take a nap.
  • If you have ever been diagnosed with a sleep disorder, you should speak with your doctor about what to expect while operating a motor vehicle.

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