DriveMode: The App that Keeps your Teen From Texting and Driving

Many teenagers believe they are immune to danger and go with the mentality that nothing can stop them from doing what they want. Because of this way of thinking and their addiction to their cell phones, teenagers do not realize the consequences of texting and driving.

Protect your teen driver by installing the free DriveMode app on his or her Smartphone. This app, developed by AT&T, senses when the car is driving faster than 25 miles per hour. If a text message is received while the car is moving that fast, the app will automatically respond. The message will tell the original sender that your teen is driving and he or she will respond as soon as the destination has been reached or it is safe to pull the car over. The app can also be used to reply to emails and incoming phone calls.

The DriveMode app will automatically turn off, once the speed of the car has fallen below 25 mph for a total of five minutes.

Protect your teen and install the DriveMode app on his or her Smartphone. It will help ensure the safety of your teen driver and give you a little bit more peace of mind when he or she is driving.

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