Eco-Friendly Home Tips For You & Yours

Eco-Friendly Home Tips

Save the environment and save money with these eco-friendly home tips!

From renewable energy to carbon footprints, environmentally conscious movements are on the rise. Not only do these practices help the environment, but when you use less which saves money. Reduce your energy and water use to help the environment and save on your utility bills. Check out these ways that you make eco-friendly home changes.

Change out Your Light Bulbs.

When it comes to your light bulbs you rarely give them a second thought. However, light bulbs consume lots of energy. Try replacing your light bulbs with compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs. These special bulbs help to use energy more efficiently so you use less.

Water Less Often.  

Maintaining a beautiful yard is plenty of work. From mowing the lawn to watering your roses, there is a heavy amount of work that goes into keeping up your yard. When it comes to watering, be sure that you’re using water wisely. Limit how any times you water every week and water at night. When you water during the day it increases the rate of evaporation which contributes to greater water consumption. Better yet, consider drought tolerant landscaping.

Upgrade to Energy Efficient Machines.

From dishwashers to clothes dryers, energy efficient home appliances use less energy which helps to save you money on your electric bill. While they may be a pricey purchase in the short term, in the long run they’re well worth the investment.

Check Your Heating & Cooling Systems.

Controlling your home temperature uses lots of energy. But, it especially uses energy when your home isn’t equipped to heat and cool efficiently. Be sure to conduct an inspection of your home air ducts and insulation. If you have a leak in your air ducts, then there’s excess air that’s wasted which makes it harder to maintain your desired temperature.

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