Protect Your Home: Why You Need Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance Palm Desert CA

Prevent expensive flood damage costs with flood insurance!

The El Niño rains aren’t over yet! With more rain expected to hit, it’s a good idea to invest in flood insurance. You may assume that you’re covered by your homeowners insurance or that it’s unnecessary, however that’s not the case. Protect yourself from unexpected and costly flood damage with flood insurance.  Here’s what you need to know when looking for a policy.

  • Your homeowners insurance does not provide flood coverage. In the event that your home is damaged by a flood, you’re responsible for taking care of the damages. Like with most natural disasters, you need to take out a separate policy.
  • The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) makes flood insurance attainable through private agents. Prior to the implementation of the program, it was near impossible to get a flood insurance policy. Because of the risks, private insurance companies refused to offer them. However, the government stepped in and made insurance attainable, even if you live in a high risk area or if you’ve experienced flood damage in the past.
  • It generally takes 30 days for your policy to take effect. That means there’s still time to get your policy before the predicted height of the El Niño season. Make sure to sign up for flood insurance sooner then later.
  • Flood insurance isn’t just for home owners. Flood insurance can be a useful tool for renters to protect their personal property and business owners to protect their businesses.
  • Flood insurance isn’t limited to high risk areas. There’s no such thing as no risk. Flood insurance is available for moderate and low risk areas too!

Make sure you’re ready for El Niño and take a flood insurance policy. To find the right policy, contact the independent insurance professionals at Desert Empire Insurance. Located in Palm Desert, California for all of your insurance coverage needs.