Protecting Your Business From Rising Waters

the modern office hall in Insurance caseCommercial Flood Insurance

While you can plan and prepare for many disasters that may affect your business, there is no way to prevent a natural disaster, including a flood. Floods can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your business in just a matter of seconds, and you may not be covered. The only way to ensure that you and your business are protected from the rising waters is to invest in a specific flood insurance policy.

Your existing commercial property insurance policy will not provide any coverage for damage that is caused by a flood, only a flood insurance policy will. A flood insurance policy will provide coverage for the structure of your office, as well as any of your company assets that were damaged during the flood. A flood policy will cover any losses that are cause by prolonged rain, overflowing rivers, blocked storm drains, and more.  In order to be considered a flood, the water must affect at least two properties or cover at least two acres.

Flood insurance policies do have some exclusions of what they will not cover during a flood, including the property that is outside of your building. If you have any septic systems or landscaping, they will not be covered by the policy. It will also not provide any protection for company cars that are damaged during the rising waters. In order to protect your company cars, you will have to make sure that your commercial auto insurance policy includes comprehensive coverage.

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