Have a Safe and Delicious Grilling Season

Summertime is quickly approaching and with it comes BBQ season. BBQ season is always a great time to enjoy friends, family, and great food. 

Impress friends and family this summer with this delicious BBQ recipe for individual chorizo and peppers packets:


1/2 chorizo sliced/dried

2 sliced bell peppers

1 sliced onion

2 TBS olive oil

salt and pepper to taste


1.Mix all ingredients together

2. Place on sturdy piece of foil

3. Form a packet

4. Grill over high heat (turning a few times) for ten minutes

*This is a single serving recipe. For this recipe and more like it visit foodnetwork.com/recipes.

Remember to grill safely with these BBQ safety tips:

  • Always grill in a clear area. 
  • Wear appropriate hand and footwear.
  • If grilling with charcoal–always allow coals to cool before disposing. Never use lighter fluid on hot coals. If grilling with propane, always make sure to check the gas line for leaks at the beginning of each grilling season using a "bubble test."

Desert Empire Insurance wishes you a safe and happy grilling season! Contact them today with any insurance questions or needs.