Check Out What You Need to Know About Health Care for Recent Graduates

What to Know About Health Care for Recent GraduatesLearn how to get the health insurance coverage that you need as a recent graduate.

Congratulations! You’ve recently graduated from college, and now it’s time to forge your path through adult. You’ve landed your first job, and you’re working hard. In addition to paying bills and balancing your new found responsibilities, you must determine how you’re going to go about obtaining health insurance. Under the Affordable Care Act, all Americans are required to have health insurance. Learn what your options are so that you can make the right decision when it comes to staying healthy.

Lean on Your Parents:

As a young person, you’re afforded the option of staying on your parent’s health plan. Keep in mind that this offer isn’t indefinite. You’re allowed to stay on your parents’ health insurance plan until you turn 26 after which, you must find alternate health insurance.

Get Government Assistance:

After graduating, you’re likely going to be in debt, and sometimes you need a little financial aid. Under certain circumstances, you may be able to qualify for a government assistance for your health care. However, keep in mind that this type of policy only gives you coverage if you meet certain criteria, such as very low income.

Buy Your Own Health Coverage:

Once you’re on your own, and you’re earning income, you’re able to buy the things that you need. Perhaps your employer provides you with health insurance coverage. However, if you’re not so lucky, you’re responsible for purchasing your own policy. Check out the Covered California Marketplace so that you can find the policy that fits your needs and your budget.

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