Watch Our for These Common Home Insurance Gaps!

Home Insurance Gaps Palm Desert, CAKnowing how to remedy these gaps can ensure you are properly protected.

Your home insurance policy is meant to provide coverage for almost any incident that you encounter. However, there are some circumstances that you may run into that your homeowners insurance will not protect you against. Consider these common home insurance gaps to ensure that you know exactly how much coverage you really have.

  • Natural disasters – earthquakes and floods are two of the most common natural disasters that will not be covered by your homeowners insurance policy. Luckily, you can buy specific flood and earthquake insurance policies to get the coverage you need.
  • Rebuilding – if your home insurance coverage is based off of the market value of your home, you most likely won’t have enough coverage to completely rebuild your house if it is a total loss. Talk with your insurance agent to ensure your home insurance provides enough coverage for the complete rebuilding cost of your home.
  • Home office – if you work from home, all of your equipment probably doesn’t have the coverage that you think it does. Consider adding an endorsement onto your policy, or investing in a very affordable business owner’s policy (BOP) to cover your livelihood.
  • Valuables – the personal property portion of your homeowners insurance policy has a strict limit of how much coverage it will provide. If you have any valuables, such as jewelry or fine art, they will most likely exceed your personal property limits. To get the best protection, schedule all of your valuables within your policy.

Working with the right independent insurance agent is the best way to ensure that you are able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are properly protected. Contact Desert Empire Insurance in Palm Desert, California for all of your home insurance needs.