Easy Home Security Checklist You Should Know

Woman Setting Control Panel On Home Security System

Keeping your house secure each time you leave will help to keep your holiday belongings safe.

If you are leaving for an extended vacation, chances are you are a little more vigilant about locking up your house. However, making sure your house is secure each time you walk out the front door can help to keep your home and personal belongings safe. Use this simple home security checklist every time you leave to help stay safe.

  • Secure your entrances – your front door is not the only way that people can get into your house. All of your exterior doors should be locked when you leave, including those in your backyard. You should also consider all of your windows to keep your house locked tight.
  • Set your alarm – if you have an alarm system, it should be armed each time you leave your house, even if you are just running down the street. Getting into the habit of alarming your system will help to ensure that you don’t skip out on it one day.
  • Check the weather – knowing what you will need for the current weather conditions will help you stay focused when it comes to locking up your house. If you are going to need a jacket or umbrella, put it by the front door so that you don’t have to go searching for it.
  • Consider your exterior – before you leave your house, quickly scan the outside. Look for any newspapers, flyers, or other items that may show a burglar that you are out of the house. It is also the perfect time to ensure all doors and windows are shut tight.

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