Protecting Your Valuable Sports Collection

Vintage Sport EquipmentFor all of the sports lovers out there, you know how important your treasured sports memorabilia is to you. These items in your sports memorabilia may be some of your most valued possessions, which is why it is important to understand if they are properly insured or not.

Although homeowner’s insurance is designed to protect the loss of personal property, sports collectibles are only protected if they are specifically scheduled. Unfortunately, under homeowner’s insurance you may not get back the current market value of your collectible, but rather the price originally paid for the item.

In order to properly protect your sports memorabilia, it is important to acquire additional insurance besides homeowner’s insurance. Sports Memorabilia insurance offers two options to make sure your policy is valid.

  • Record expensive items: Any items of your memorabilia that exceed $5,000 in value should be recorded, in order to avoid any disputes.
  • Take pictures: These pictures provide good evidence of your items that will help your case in any chance of disputes.

Insurance is the best way to protect your collectibles, but here is a list of tips that can further protect your valued sports items.

#1: Keep all items in protective cases: By keeping your special items such as sports cards and jerseys within cases, you can protect them from the wear and tear of time.

#2: Having Security system: Having a home security system is a great way to protect the items within your house, including your valued sports collection. Installing a security system can also lead to a potential lower in your premiums.

#3: Keep items in a fire safe: The best way to protect your valuables from any type of fire is by keeping your items in a fire safe. Whether it is a small fire that creates smoke damage or a large one that impacts your entire a house, a fire safe is the best way to go to ensure these items are protected.

#4: Do not publicize your collection: It is important to share the details of your collection to only those who you trust and to avoid sharing this information online. Discussing your collection can only increase the chances of theft.

To ensure your sports collection is safe from any danger, contact the insurance professionals at Desert Empire Insurance in Palm Desert, California to discuss additional insurance needs.