6 Tips to Naturally Cool Your House

House Cooling Tips

Even though spring started just a few weeks ago, the mercury in the thermometers is rising fast. If you are already cranking up your air conditioner, you are probably seeing a high energy bill. Keep these 6 tips in mind to naturally cool your house this spring and summer to help save money.

  1. Invest in insulated curtains – insulated curtains will help to keep the hot summer heat out of your house much better than typical curtains.
  2. Open the windows after sunset – when the sun goes down, open all your windows and exterior doors. The cool nighttime weather will work to cool your house down. Just remember to close them all up when the sun comes back up.
  3. Think about your appliances – switch to LED lights, since incandescent light bulbs can give off a lot of heat. When you are not using a room, make sure all of the lights are turned off. Also turn off any computers or TVs that are not being used.
  4. Swap out your bedding – put light colored, cotton sheets on your bed, since they will work to reflect any heat instead of absorbing it.
  5. Cross ventilate – if there is a breeze outside, open windows on both sides of your house to allow the natural wind to do the work for you and cool down your house.
  6. Look at your landscaping – a tree or shrub that is properly placed can help to keep the sun off your house. Plant shade trees on the east and west sides of your house to block out the sun all day long.

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