Looking for a Car for Your Teen? Think Safety!

Your teen likely wants a car that’s fun to drive, or looks powerful, or attracts attention. As a parent or guardian, you’re entitled to consider other concerns. Here are few tips to help you select a reliably safe car for your teen driver.

1. First, learn some initials, especially ESC and ABS. Electronic Stability Control (ESC) provides computer-assisted driving when a car starts to spin or has only partial contact with the road. Anti-lock brakes help a driver keep control, too, by preventing a skid during hard, sudden stops.

2. Make safety a priority with used car buying. All cars made since 2012 include ABS and airbags, but cars made before that may have a mix of safety features.

3. Keep the car well-maintained. Regular oil changes and scheduled maintenance can reduce the risk of a breakdown. Check tire pressure on a frequent basis, too, as properly inflated tires assist with steering.

4. Talk about safety. Share some examples of your own safe driving practices while you’re in the car with the teen. Kids being kids, there may be some eye-rolling, but in time the message will get through.

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