Maintenance Tips for the Spring

As the spring thaw approaches, there are a few things you should do to ensure that your home is ready for the rest of the year.

Start out right with some spring cleaning.

Throughout the cozy winter months, you may have collected some things you don’t need. Spring cleaning doesn’t just include throwing out unnecessary items within your home, but also includes cleaning up any debris surrounding your home such as trimming back bushes, clearing up plant growth and removing weeds.

Inspect your home thoroughly for any water damage.

The winter weather may have caused some damage to the exterior of your home, or to your trees outside. As the days get warmer, check your home’s exterior paint and its foundation to ensure that there hasn’t been any water damage. You should also check your roof and your rain gutters for any damage.

Apart from traditional spring cleaning, you may want to check to ensure that your homeowners insurance is still ideal. Contact Desert Empire Insurance in Palm Desert today to find out more.