We Support Operation School Bell!

Do your part and support Operation School Bell in their generous gift to thousands of children in need. Each year, Operation School Bell provides about 5,000 students with clothing.

These children are able to feel a sense of enhanced self-esteem as they walk into the first day of class in a new, clean outfit that properly fits them. The generous work that Operation School Bell provides these children with has noticeably increased school attendance rates. When children are not embarrassed of their attire in front of their peers, they are more likely to want to attend school, and pay attention, receiving their well-deserved education.

Volunteers for Anne Banning Auxiliary of Assistance League have made this generous gift possible for the past 47 years. Children deserve well-fitting shoes, jackets, backpacks, uniforms, shirts, pants, and clothes. Without these essential items, children have difficulty succeeding in the world.

Do your part and support Operation School Bell!

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