Insurance Implications of a New Car

There are a variety of factors affecting the amount you pay each month for auto insurance, including the type of car you have. Before you make any final decisions purchasing the car of your dreams, be sure to consider the insurance implications. These factors play a major role in how your new car purchase will affect your auto insurance rates:

  • Despite popular belief, often, less flashy cars will have you spending more on auto insurance. This is in part because young drivers typically purchase less flashy cars. More importantly, less expensive cars are easier to steal and are less likely to be equipped with an alarm.
  • How fast your car can go also makes a big difference in your auto insurance premium.
  • The size of your engine greatly influences your auto insurance premium. Large and powerful engines are tempting to test out so you may be inclined to speed in this new car. Your insurance company will look at crash test ratings for your particular car model when determining a price.

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