Keep Your Businesses Commercial Vehicles Safe

Palm Springs Commercial Auto Insurance

Business owners need their fleet of commercial vehicles to work well in every condition and that means keeping them well maintained. Business owners also need to comply with certain safety measurements and federal regulations to assure the safety of employees.

It does not have to be hard keeping your cars and employees in tip top shape. Creating a preventative maintenance plan can help business owners run things a lot more smoothly. Keep record of every employee and the car they drive to keep track of the condition of every vehicle. Keeping a folder with the history of the vehicle in every car will make keeping your records a lot easier.

Daily inspections are required for many businesses revolving around cars. During these inspections check to make sure there are no loose items on the floor of the vehicle and that the vehicle has already been serviced. Make sure seat belts, brakes, steering, headlights, signals, mirrors, and tires are all in proper working order. Have emergency equipment available as well as a fire extinguisher.

Commercial vehicles are all subject to regulations provided by the federal government and state. This means you should regularly make vehicle inspections of your own and document everything so you will be ready in the event of a compliance check.

Inspections can happen any day on the side of any road so make sure you are prepared for getting pulled over by an inspector. Inspectors will check for mechanical safety and will check to see that all the cargo is secure. They will also check for a log showing hours of service and for a license. A preventative maintenance plan can assure that your driver and vehicle is ready for all of these obstacles.

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