Do I Need Scheduled Personal Property Coverage?

Palm Desert Homeowners and Scheduled ItemsWhen you purchased your homeowners’ insurance policy, you were likely just going through the motions as mortgage payments and moving into your new home were likely first on your list of priorities. However, overlooking the coverage options of your homeowners’ insurance policy can prove to be consequential. There is an overwhelming amount of homeowners who do not know exactly what is covered under their homeowners’ insurance policy until it is too late.

If your home were to be burglarized and your fine art, family heirlooms, and guns were stolen, would your homeowners’ insurance policy provide you with coverage? Chances are, your homeowners’ insurance policy specifically excludes expensive items such as these. In order to receive protection, you must have your valuable items scheduled. Scheduled personal property coverage acts as an endorsement to your standard homeowners’ insurance policy, providing your valuables with much needed coverage.

Insuring jewelry, family heirlooms, fire arms, and fine art does not have to be a challenge. If you want to have your most important items scheduled, all you need to do is request an appraisal by a professional. Your professional appraisal will then be sent to your insurance company, with a photograph of the item attached. Once your insurance provider approves the appraisal, your items will be covered. Scheduled items receive unique protection in that there is no deductible attached to the scheduled item. Additionally, you will receive coverage for a wider range of perils, including misplacement. Before going through this process, you would not receive coverage if you simply lost an item, you now will. If you are looking to safeguard your most valuable personal possessions, you must have your items scheduled.

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