What You Can Do To Keep Your New Teen Driver Safe

Palm Springs Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

Your teen is ecstatic about getting a license but all you can think about is the risks that come with getting behind the wheel. Do not be alarmed, this is a natural reaction to seeing your child grow independent. As a parent your number one concern is the safety of your child so take action and get involved in the safety of your teen.

Insurance will help but there are other things you can do as a parent to make sure your teen driver is safe every time they get in the car. Here are some safe driving tips that you can pass on to your new teen driver.

  • Encourage your teen driver to do a safe driving course to gain skills they will use every day on the road. This will give your teen more practice behind the wheel and could also lower the price of their car insurance if you opt for a good driver discount. Safe driving courses are affordable and some can even be taken online!
  • Find a safe and reliable car for your teen driver. A safe car makes a whole lot of difference in the event of an accident. Look for safety features like side airbags or stability control. If your teen has features like this on their car you may be able to get a discount on their insurance.
  • You are the parent so you get to make the decision that your teen is ready to drive. Do not be afraid of implementing your own set of rules for on the road. A driving curfew could be a good idea for newer drivers. Limiting the amount of passengers your teen driver can have at a time can reduce distraction and the chances of an accident.

Desert Empire Insurance in Palm Desert can help insure your teen driver to keep them as safe as possible while they are on the road. We have a staff of highly experienced employees ready to help you efficiently find the right insurance policy at the lowest price possible. Contact us today for any of your insurance needs.