Guaranteed Shelter Under an Umbrella Insurance

Palm Desert Umbrella InsuranceWhile you may feel that you are receiving adequate coverage under your homeowners’ insurance policy and your auto insurance policy, chances are, there are gaps in coverage that may be leaving your assets vulnerable. If you only purchased the minimum required liability limits for both your homeowners’ insurance and auto insurance policies, it is unlikely that you would receive enough protection if you were involved in a lawsuit. Unfortunately, we must think about how our financial assets would be affected by a lawsuit because they have become a very popular part of today’s society.

If you are throwing a holiday party at your house and part of your overhanging patio falls on multiple guests, would your homeowners’ insurance liability coverage suffice? Imagine if the four injured individuals endure serious injuries with two of them needing surgery. Would the liability portion of your homeowners’ insurance policy cover the medical expenses of each injured individual? Chances are, your liability limits will not suffice in this scenario and other situations similar to this one.

In order to receive guaranteed coverage, you must purchase a personal umbrella insurance policy. While you may view umbrella insurance as an unnecessary expense, they actually provide individuals with the coverage they deserve. For a small premium amount, you can increase your liability limits to $1 million. With an umbrella insurance policy, your financial assets would be able to endure nearly any lawsuit or short coming. If you are involved in a multi-vehicle accident that results in multiple serious injuries, your umbrella coverage would kick in to pay off the remaining balance.

Receive the protection you deserve and seek shelter under the umbrella!

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