5 Water Safety Tips

Some of the best summer memories are had in or near the water. Whether you prefer to swim in a pool, lake, river, or the ocean, it is imperative that you follow the necessary safety tips to ensure your summer fun is memorable for the right reasons. Keep these 5 water safety tips in mind:

  1. No matter what body of water you are in, only swim in designated swimming areas.
  2. Never swim alone, rather, swim with a buddy!
  3. Before taking a vacation where swimming will be involved, be sure that everyone participating knows how to swim.
  4. Never leave a child unattended by any body of water. Children should always be wearing a life jacket.
  5. Make sure to establish specific rules and guidelines for your family when it comes to swimming boundaries and time limits. Nobody should be in the water once the sun sets so set a time when everyone should be out.

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