Election Day Around the Corner: Vote No on Prop 45!

Palm Springs Elections Vote No Prop 45

Election Day is just around the corner, which means it is time to do your research and determine which propositions you will be voting yes and no for. One proposition that is extremely relevant to Americans after the enactment of Obamacare is Proposition 45. We are urging you to say NO on Prop 45!

Last year California law established a new independent health insurance commission charged with negotiating health insurance rates and benefits on behalf of consumers and rejecting plans that are too expensive. Prop 45 would give one single politician the power to override the rates and benefits negotiated by the independent commission.

Supporters of Proposition 45 want to give one elected politician – who can receive millions in campaign contributions from special interests – the power to determine your health plan’s premiums, benefits, networks and even what treatment options it covers. They want to create a costly new bureaucracy that duplicates existing regulatory agencies – the costs of which will ultimately be paid by you through higher premiums. They want to set up new rules and regulations that conflict with the new health care reform law.

By offering millions of dollars in incentives to lawyers and others for challenging rate increases, Proposition 45 guarantees constant uncertainty and chaos in the individual and small group health insurance markets, delaying product launches, reducing the number of plans – and potentially the number of carriers.

Remember to Vote NO on Prop 45! Contact Desert Empire Insurance in Palm Desert for all of your California health insurance needs. Our experienced team of professionals will be your guiding hand in navigating recent health care reform and the upcoming open enrollment period.