Be Prepared for a Popped Tire with These Safety Tips

Popped Tire Safety Tips so that You Know What to doKnow what to do when your tire pops to stay safe on the road.

You’re driving along when suddenly you hear a loud pop. Your tire has blown out, and you need to get to the side of the road. Incedints like this are always alarming, however, with the proper preparation you can take control of the situation. Check out what to do when a tire pops on the road so that you can safely regain control of the car and get the help you need.

Remain Calm.

When your tire pops, it’s accompanied by a loud noise and a sudden jerk of the steering wheel. It’s a scary occurrence. However, panic doesn’t help to deal with the situation. It’s best to remain calm so that you can take action and get the help that you need.

Stabilize the Vehicle.  

Resist the urge to hit the brakes when it comes to a tire blowout. When you brake suddenly, it can further loss of control of the vehicle causing a spinout. Rather, keep your foot on the gas and wait until the car stabilizes. Once it’s safe, then you can slowly take your foot off the gas to slow down. Once you’ve reduced your speed, then you can move over to the side of the road.

Pull Over.

The last thing you want is to change a tire in the middle of the road. When it’s safe, pull over so that you can fix your tire. However, be extremely cautious. Ensure that you’re visible to other drivers by turning on your hazard lights and tying a brightly colored cloth to your car. Then you can either change the tire or call for help. Remember, however, to never change a tire alone.

When your tire pops on the road, ensure that you’re well prepared. Know what steps to take and protect yourself with the right auto insurance. Contact the professionals at Desert Empire Insurance Services, Inc. for assistance with your policies. Located in Palm Desert, California, we serve all your personal and commercial insurance needs.