Dealing with Spoiled Food After a Power Outage

Power Outage & Insurance Coverage Palm Desert, CAA power outage can lead to hundreds of dollars of spoiled food!

El Nino is expected to bring monster storms to Southern California for the next couple of months. While this may be good news with the current drought conditions, it can also lead to some dangerous situations, including power outages. Stocking up on flashlights and extra batteries will help you see in the dark, but do you know what damages will be covered by your homeowners insurance?

When the power goes out in your house, so does the power that is keeping your refrigerator cold. When your fridge isn’t cooling your food, it can lead to all of your yummy ingredients going bad. Luckily, your home insurance policy may be able to provide coverage for any food that goes bad.

Many homeowners insurance policies include coverage for spoiled food after an extended power outage. However, if your fridge was on its last leg, and your food goes bad during the power outage, you will most likely be left covering the cost by yourself. Keeping your refrigerator well-maintained will help to ensure that you can enjoy the right amount of coverage.

If your power does go out, don’t open your fridge unless it is absolutely necessary. The more you open your fridge, the more cold air trapped inside can escape, making your food spoil even faster. If your power is out for more than 4 hours, even if you never open the refrigerator, you should throw out all your food to prevent any food-borne illness and to keep your family safe.

For all of your homeowners insurance coverage needs to keep you protected in case of any disaster, contact Desert Empire Insurance in Palm Desert, California. We will work with you to ensure that you have the coverage you deserve, all at the right price to fit your budget.