Proof Of Loss: Make Sure You’re Prepared To Submit Your Proof

Proof Of Loss Steps & Prep Palm Desert CA

Know what you need when submitting proof of loss.

Despite the fact that you buy insurance, you never want to have to use it. But in the event that you need damages repaired, whether to your car or your home, you need to submit proof of loss. Keep thorough documents to submit to your insurance company. Make sure you take the following steps so that your proof of loss process runs smoothly.


  • Take a home inventory. When you have a thorough record of everything that you own, it will be easier to replace it and you can report it to your insurance agent. In your inventory database, be sure to include a description of the item, when you bought it, the price you purchased it for, and any other information that you may find useful.
  • Take pictures. Photo document all of your belongings as an additional record. That way you can show your insurance agent, what you have. Whether you choose to take stills or a video, you’ll be glad you did.
  • Report any new purchases to your insurance agent. If you’ve recently bought something of value, be sure to notify your insurance agency so that you know it’s covered.


  • Record all information. After you’re in a car crash be sure to take down the names and information from the other parties involved. Additionally, write down the driver’s license number, insurance policy number, the cars’ make and model, the vehicle identification number.
  • Document the accident. Take down the damages, how the accident occurred, and if there were any environmental factors like weather that influenced the accident. Also, be sure to take lots of pictures of the accident site and the damages that were done to each car. Be sure to take at least four photos.

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