How to Simplify Your Home Insurance Claim

Find out how you can simplify the process of filing a home insurance claim.How to Simplify Your Home Insurance Claim

While no one likes to experience property damage, sometimes it is simply unavoidable.  Luckily, having the right homeowners insurance can help you cover the cost of repairing this damage.  When it comes to using your insurance, you will have to file a claim for the damage.  Want the claims process to go as smoothly as possible?  Then try out these suggestions to help you simplify everything.

  • Contact Your Insurer Right Away

After making sure that you and your family are in a safe place, the next thing you should do is call your insurance agent.  You will want to report the damage and let your insurer know what’s going on before you call someone in to repair the damages.  Letting your insurer know what’s going on will help them jumpstart the claim’s process.

  • Take Photos

Another way to make the claims process go more smoothly is by taking photos to document the extent of the damage.  While you should try to snap pictures of the damage from many different angles, it’s important that you only take this step when it is safe to do so.  If possible, you should also try to grab a picture of the root cause of the damage.  You can share these photos with your claims adjuster to help them better assess the damages.

  • Don’t Assign Benefits to a Contractor

Contractors might ask you to sign a form called Assignment of Benefits (AOB).  Signing this form would give them full authority over the claims process, including giving them access to the compensation coming from your insurer.  Dishonest contractors have been known to collect these benefits without completing the repair job.

  • Save Your Receipts

If you need to stay in a hotel while the home repairs are underway or need to buy some items at a hardware store to prevent the damage from spreading, save these receipts.  You should keep anything that documents the expenses related to the incident that damaged your home.  In some cases, your policy might actually cover these costs.

These are some of the tips you should try to simplify your claims process.  Do you need more assistance with your homeowners insurance?  Don’t hesitate to contact us at Desert Empire Insurance.  Our experienced professionals are ready to assist you with all your insurance needs today.