Get To Your Spring Cleaning With These Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips Palm Desert CA

Your home will sparkle with these spring cleaning tips!

Get your home neat and tidy in time for spring. Get rid of the dust and pollen and get organized this season. Here are a few spring cleaning tips to help you get your home squeaky clean.

Get Rid of The Old.

From your refrigerator to your medicine cabinet, there are likely a few items that have passed their expiration dates. Sweep through your home and toss anything that’s gone bad. That way you have space for new items.

Get Organized.

Invest in a few items to help get you organized. Toss the piles of paper you don’t need and get a file to store loose papers. De-clutter your entry way with a shoe rack to help keep your shoes in their rightful place. Buy a bin to keep all your children’s toys in. Designate proper places to keep all your loose items to keep your home more organized.

Clean Your Linens.

From your mattress pad to your pillows, be sure to thoroughly clean your bedding. Just be sure to adhere to the washing instructions.

Wash Your Windows.

Take the time to clean your windows inside and out. When you have clean windows, you allow more light to stream through. Plus, you may even want to swap out you heavy winter drapes for lighter, airier spring curtains.

Scrub Your Carpets.

Whether you have carpeting or rugs, be sure to have your carpets deep cleaned at least once per year. Dust and dirt particles get stuck in the carpet fibers making your rug a magnet for springtime pollen. Be sure to shampoo them and then spot clean with a vacuum every so often.

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