Suggestions to Reduce Your Blood Pressure

Try out these tips to keep your blood pressure down this May.closeup of a nurse checking a patient's blood pressure

May is National High Blood Pressure Education Month and, as the name suggests, this month is dedicated to spreading awareness for the negative health implications of high blood pressure.  In honor of this month, you should make an effort to improve your health by decreasing your blood pressure.  Here are some of the suggestions you should try.

  • Load Up on Healthy Foods

There are many foods that contain nutrients and compounds that can help naturally lower your blood pressure.  For instance, leafy greens contain potassium which helps your body eliminate sodium and keep your blood pressure down.  The nitric oxide found in beets can help widen your blood vessels, which will also reduce your blood pressure.  Finally, berries (particularly blueberries) are great sources of flavonoids which have also been linked to improving the body’s ability to regulate blood pressure.

  • Reduce Your Sodium Intake

Salt consumption has been linked to high blood pressure and other health problems such as stroke.  As such, doctors recommend low-salt diets, especially for people who already have high blood pressure.  Reducing your intake of processed and prepared foods is one easy way to control how much salt you are consuming.

  • Manage Your Stress

Your blood pressure automatically rises in reaction to stress.  This is because your heart rate increases and your blood vessels constrict, putting more pressure on blood vessel walls.  So, to keep your blood pressure down, it’s important that you take steps to mitigate your stress.  Taking time to unwind, knowing when to walk away from high-tension situations, and finding healthy outlets are all great way to keep your stress levels and your blood pressure down.

These are some of the suggestions that you should try to keep your blood pressure down this May.  Want another way to take care of yourself?  Then make sure you have the right insurance protection in place.  For assistance with all your coverage needs, contact the experts at Desert Empire Insurance today.