How Parents Can Prevent Distracted Driving

These helpful tips for parents can help to prevent distracted teen drivers. While most people think of teen drivers when talking about distracted driving, they are not the only culprits. Many parents are also guilty of being distracted while behind the wheel, which can lead to the bad habits being passed onto their children. As Read More

Healthy Halloween Treats

Treat your children, friends, and family to healthy snacks this Halloween. While you may think that being healthy over Halloween is impossible and illogical, there are plenty of healthy Halloween treats that won’t send your child running to the dentist. This Halloween, stock up the kitchen with fruits and veggies that will benefit your children Read More

Allow Your Airbag To Do Its Job With These Tips

Airbag Safety Airbags are meant to save lives. However, if they are not properly used, they can cause serious injuries, or even death. Knowing how to keep you and your passengers safe from airbag injuries can help to ensure that you always make it to your destination safely. Airbags are designed to help cushion your Read More

Keep Your Kids Safe While Riding the School Bus

Back to school can be a tough time for many parents who worry about the safety of their children. There is no need to fear parents, educating your child about safety ahead of time can prevent potential dangers that can happen at school. A good place to start is bus safety. Here are some bus Read More