Determine if Your Small Business Needs Umbrella Insurance

Find out what you need to know about umbrella insurance and how to fix it.   When it comes to your small businesses, it’s important that you adequately protect yourself from disaster. From natural disaster to theft to liability suits, there are many ways in which your business is at risk. Investing in the right Read More

Find Out What You Need to Know About Looking for the Right Commercial Insurance

Determine what you need to know about shopping for the right commercial insurance. When it comes to protecting your business, it’s important that you have the tools that you need to keep it safe. While the proper business plan is important, it’s also important that you invest in the right insurance policies. However, choosing the Read More

Draft a Property Loss Prevention Plan to Help Keep Your Business Safe

Learn how to protect your business from disaster with the right property loss prevention plan. When it comes to keeping your business as safe as can be, it’s important that you take precautionary measures. The more precautions you take, the better able you’ll be to handle a disaster. Commercial property insurance can help you repair Read More

Create the Right Injury Management Strategy for Your Workplace

Make an injury management strategy to keep your workplace a safe place. Keeping your employees safe on the job is a top priority. The healthier your employees, the more productive they are and the better able they’ll be to help your business grow. However, sometimes, no matter how many precautions you take, accidents happen. It’s Read More

Keep Your Business Safe from a Data Breach with These Security Tips

Use these tips to protect your business from a data breach. Computers are a staple in today’s workplace. From digital files to client directories to transactions, businesses use digital data as common practice. While this use of technology has helped to make business practices smoother and more efficient, it comes with a new set of Read More

Conduct a Business Risk Assessment to Ensure Your Business is Ready for Disasters

Protect your business by preparing for risks and conducting a business risk assessment. Keeping your business safe and secure is a top priority. With threats of natural disaster, theft, and business interruption, it’s important that you take the necessary precautions to keep your business safe. Be ready for disaster by conducting a business risk assessment. Read More

Conduct an Energy Audit in Your Office for the Fall and Winter Seasons

Learn how to keep your office energy consumption low with this fall energy audit. Fall is here, and winter is right around the corner. Along with the holiday season, comes chilly temperatures. But with a faulty heating system and drafty windows, your energy bill can add up fast especially in the workplace. Learn how to Read More

Learn How To Keep Your Employees Safe From Heat-Related Illnesses

Ensure your employees are safe from heat-related illnesses! Keeping your workers safe is a top priority. As temperatures heat up, be sure to pay extra attention to heat-related illness. If your employees work outside, it’s important that you create a safe working environment so that they don’t suffer any heat related issues. Check out these Read More

Check Out These Policy Types To Get The Right Insurance Coverage For Your Small Business

Get your small business the insurance coverage that you need. Running a small business is challenging. You put your heart and soul into your business to keep it afloat. However, keeping it afloat can prove to be a difficult task. Ensure that your business is protected from ruin with the right insurance. With so many Read More

October Events in Palm Desert

Enjoy these Palm Desert, CA local events in the season of fall and Halloween! Whether you want to get festive with ghosts and goblins this October, or just enjoy the cooler weather of fall, Palm Desert has something for everyone! Below are just two of the local events that our area has to offer! Howl-O-Ween Read More