Learn Why It Pays to Choose a Comprehensive Auto Insurance Policy

Find out what you need to know about cheap auto insurance coverage. Affordable auto insurance policies are alluring. After all, most of us never hope to use our coverage. However, while a cheaper policy sounds like a good idea, it often doesn’t provide you with the coverage that you need in the event of an Read More

Ask the Right Questions to Get the Insurance Coverage That You Need

Get the coverage changes that you need when you ask the right questions.   Asking the right questions is important. Without the proper information, you may be left without the right insurance coverage. At least once per year, you should review your insurance policies to ensure that you’re properly covered. As life changes, you need Read More

Protect Your Business From Cyber Crime

Business insurance and these helpful tips are your best defense against cyber attacks.   Technology makes business practices much easier, but there’s a dark side to so much dependence on technology. You could be put at risk for cybercrime. Protect yourself and your business from cybercrime with these protection tips and business insurance. Up your Read More

Prepare For The Height Flu Season: Prevention Tips & Tricks

Ward off the flu with these prevention tips! It’s the middle of winter, and also the middle of flu season. Getting sick is the last thing you want to do, reduce your risk for getting sick with these prevention tips. Stay on top of your hygiene The more you wash your hands, less germs you Read More

Watch Our for These Common Home Insurance Gaps!

Knowing how to remedy these gaps can ensure you are properly protected. Your home insurance policy is meant to provide coverage for almost any incident that you encounter. However, there are some circumstances that you may run into that your homeowners insurance will not protect you against. Consider these common home insurance gaps to ensure that Read More

Finding The Right Coverage For Your Condo Or Town Home

Condo And Town Home Protection When it comes to protecting your house, most people are aware that they need the right homeowners insurance policy. However, if you own a condo or town home, it can be easy to assume that your home will be covered by the homeowners association. However, just like a house, condos Read More

The Importance Of Giving Back!

As residents of beautiful Palm Desert, California, we are so fortunate to live where we do. While it can be easy to be caught up in the small trials and tribulations of your own life, it is important to remember to give back to your community! The strength of a community relies on the service Read More

Guaranteed Shelter Under an Umbrella Insurance

While you may feel that you are receiving adequate coverage under your homeowners’ insurance policy and your auto insurance policy, chances are, there are gaps in coverage that may be leaving your assets vulnerable. If you only purchased the minimum required liability limits for both your homeowners’ insurance and auto insurance policies, it is unlikely Read More