Three Tips For Conserving Water During California’s Drought

While dry conditions may not be new to California, the current drought situation has gotten far worse than expected. If you are struggling to keep your lawn green and your showers short enough to satisfy local water restrictions, try these simple water conservation tips.

Ditch wasteful lawn watering tools, like sprinklers and hose attachments, for drip lines that deliver moisture right to the roots. This eliminates evaporation almost entirely to cut the amount of liquid you need to prevent browning.

Add a timer to the shower that goes off at the five-minute mark. Ask family members that need more than that due to long hair to switch off the water when shampooing and reserve the water for rinsing.

Double up on chores requiring water. For example, take the dog out into the yard and use a plant-safe soap when your pet needs washing and the lawn needs water.

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