Time to Face the (Virtual) Reality: Your Business Needs Cyber Insurance

We live in an age when identity and information can be stolen with a single mouse click. Computer crimes are soaring, and security measures seem to be one step behind in many cases. In addition, complex regulations now cover how your business should store and use information. Making a mistake could expose your customer’s data and create legal liabilities for your firm.

Cyber liability insurance can help protect your business from both criminal and accidental loss and exposure of data.

Cyber liability insurance covers your business if:

1) Your database is hacked and proprietary or personal data is stolen.

2) An employee mistakenly releases confidential data, or information protected by law.

3) You face legal costs and attorney fees due to your firm’s data handling.

4) You are found liable for mishandling data and must pay court-ordered damages or a legal settlement.

5) You need to have your database and computer system audited to verify it is secure after being hacked.

6) You are unable to fulfill contracts or operate normally due to a cyber-attack (if your policy includes business interruption coverage).

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