Tips for Encouraging Workplace Wellness

Tips for Encouraging Workplace Wellness

Learn how to help your employees be healthier and happier at work.

Healthy employees are more valuable to your business.  Not only are healthy employees happier, they also work harder, and they save the company serious money on medical costs.  That’s why it’s important to create an atmosphere of health and positivity in your office.  Here some tips to help you promote workplace wellness.

Set a Good Example

One of the best ways to promote healthy workplace habits is by following your own advice.  For instance, when you’re in the office, you should take the stairs, eat healthy, and drink lots of water.  Showing your employees that you are invested in your health will encourage them to take interest in their own health as well.

Encourage Healthy Eating Options

When people are busy, they tend to eat whatever is easily accessible.  Unfortunately, this means that many employees turn to fast food or vending machines when their stomachs start grumbling.  You can help your employees make healthier eating decisions by ensuring that you have healthy foods on hand.  Keeping your kitchen stocked with fruit, veggies, and water will encourage employees to choose these options over a vending machine candy bar.

Make it a Competition

Finally, one of the best ways to encourage people to stay healthy is by turning wellness into a competition.  For instance, you could hold a competition to see which employee can drink the most water over a given period of time.  Organize prizes, such as extra vacation days, as an incentive for all employees to compete.  The spirit of competition will not only encourage healthier lifestyles, but it will also make the office much more lively and fun.

Try out these suggestions to promote workplace wellness in your business.  Remember, another way to ensure that your employees stay healthy is by having the proper insurance protections to keep them safe.  To find the right policies for you and your business, contact the experts at Desert Empire Insurance.  Our dedicated professionals are ready to get you covered today.