Tips to Get You Moving at Work

Tips to Get You Moving at Work

Learn how you can combat the effects of sitting all day.

Everyone knows how important it is to get enough exercise.  However, many people with desk jobs find themselves sitting all day.  While it can be challenging to find ways to stay active around the office, it isn’t impossible.  Here are ways to avoid the damaging health effects that come from sitting at a desk all day long.

Take Hourly Breaks

One way to stay active at work is by moving around every hour or so.  Every time the clock strikes a new hour, take the first five minutes of the hour to take a brisk walk around the office, do a couple of squats, or even do some jumping jacks.  While you may feel silly, you’ll find that getting a little bit of physical activity will help you feel better and more focused when you return to your work.  Try setting an alarm on your phone to remind you of your hourly bursts of energy.

Change Your Work Behaviors

Another way to get more exercise at work is by adjusting your workplace behaviors.  While this sounds like a daunting task, the changes you make don’t need to be drastic.  For instance, instead of taking the elevator when you need to travel between floors, use the stairs.  Or, instead of driving to a nearby lunch spot, try walking there instead.  While seemingly minor, these little changes can have a big impact on your overall health.

Find Supporters

Finally, one of the best ways to get moving and stay active at work is by finding co-workers who are willing to support and follow along with you.  When you have someone holding you accountable, you are far more likely to stay with your goal.  Additionally, having someone do hourly squats and walk to lunch with you, will make staying fit a less awkward and much more enjoyable experience.

Try out these tips to help you stay active around the office.  Want another way to stay healthy this year?  Make sure you have the right health insurance coverage to address your needs.  To find the right health plan for you, contact the team at Desert Empire Insurance.  We are always ready to assist you with your insurance needs.