Tips for Protecting Your Apartment from Burglars

Try out these suggestions to prevent a break-in at your apartment.masked burglar juggling door handle

While your apartment may have safety features such as surveillance cameras and doormen, this does not mean that you are completely safe from burglars.  This is why it’s important to take additional security measures.  Here’s how you can prevent a break-in at your apartment.

  • Lock Up

While this seems obvious, 60% of all apartment robberies happen because the apartment owner has left their door or windows unlocked.  The National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) recommends that you leave your apartment door locked even when you are inside the apartment.  You should also ask your landlord to install a deadbolt lock on your door for extra security.  Finally, be sure to keep windows closed and locked when you leave your apartment, especially if you live on the ground floor.

  • Secure Your Keys

When you first move into your apartment, request a lock change to ensure that the previous tenants cannot get back into the space.  You should also carefully monitor who you give spare keys to.  For instance, you should not give spare keys to anyone doing maintenance or renovation work on your apartment.  As a general rule, you should not let workers or other strangers into your apartment when you are not present.

  • Make Friends with Your Neighbors

After you move into your apartment, make an effort to get to know your neighbors.  When you and your neighbors are friendly, you can all look after one another’s apartments.  This way your neighbor will contact the authorities or tell you if they notice suspicious activity in your apartment while you are away.

These are some of the steps that you should take to protect your apartment from burglars.  Want another way to protect yourself?  Then make sure you have the right renters insurance in place.  To secure this essential coverage, contact the experts at Desert Empire Insurance for assistance today.