Seasonal Wellness Tips: How To Beat Seasonal Allergies

Tips To Reduce Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

Keep your allergy symptoms at bay with these allergy tips!

Spring is in the air! But, along with the beautiful weather and gorgeous flora comes allergy season. If all the pollen causes your seasonal allergies to flare up, be sure to check out these tips to help reduce your seasonal allergy symptoms.

  • Check the pollen count. If you know that there’s a lot of pollen in the air you can take the necessary precautions to reduce your exposure. Be sure to keep an eye on the pollen count so that you can stay inside when levels are high.
  • Filter your air. When it comes to your home, you want to ensure that it’s as pollen free as possible. Be sure to get a high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filter. This filter will be able to help reduce the amount of pollen and mold spores in your home.
  • Change clothes when you get home. Throughout the day pollen particles stick to your clothes, skin, and hair. When you come home for the day it’s important to change clothes and take off your shoes so that you reduce the amount of pollen floating around your home. Additionally, be sure to shower before you go to bed so that you wash all the pollen off.
  • Dehumidify your home. In addition to an air filter, consider a dehumidifier. Moist air increases your risk for a flare up. Make sure that your humidity level is less than 60 percent.
  • Use the air conditioner. When it comes to cooling down your home, be sure to crank the A/C. Opening your windows lets pollen in your home which then aggravates your allergies.

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