Check Out a Few Tips About Tenant Rights So You’re Better Prepared to Rent a Property

Check Out a Few Tips About Tenant Rights So You’re Better Prepared to Rent a PropertyLearn a little bit about tenant rights with these tips.

Renting a property has its perks. When you rent a place, you’re not responsible for making repairs and keeping up on home maintenance issues. However, without ownership it may seem like you’re left without rights when it comes to your home. While the rules may differ depending on where you live, tenants have rights. Find out a little more about tenant rights with these tips.

Right to Privacy

Just because you’re renting a space doesn’t mean that the landlord can stop in anytime he or she wants. As a tenant, you have a right to privacy. Your landlord can stop in, however, they must give you advance notice.

Right to Security

While you may be renting a space, it’s still your home. It’s important that you feel safe in your home. Ensure that your rental property comes equipped with locks on the doors and windows. Additionally, your space should come with smoke detectors. That way, if there’s an emergency, you have the basic tools to keep you safe.

Right to Safety

When it comes to your rental space, you have a right to live in a structurally sound building. It’s important that your building is kept up to code so that you can live in a safe physical space free of any hazards. Additionally, your place should have electricity, running water, and heat.

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