Your Business and “The Cloud”

What’s all this talk about “the cloud?” You may be hearing this new tech trend around the office so it’s time to get the 101 on the cloud.

The cloud is an online platform where you can access your computer files or software programs from a computer server that is not in your office. This may seem confusing but if you think about it, your email accounts are cloud-based because you can access them at any time from any other computer. Dropbox and Amazon Cloud Drive are other types of clouds because they allow you to store items on a remote server network.

Using the cloud is beneficial for businesses small and large because they allow all team members to access information quickly and easily. The most advantageous factor is that the cloud automatically backs up all your data so there’s no need to worry about your hard drive crashing.

However, there are some security measures that worry users about the cloud. Due to recent mass data breaches, it is important that you entrust your cloud-based business to only well-known companies and learn about their security measures. You may need to look into getting a cyber liability insurance policy to protect your efficient storage method.

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